Episode #14: Misfit Invasion, feedback from Fargo.

Show Title: Misfit Invasion, feedback from Fargo.

In the fourteenth episode of the Inside the Journey podcast Nelson talks to the Misfits about their take on our film. Deb, Jackie, and Sue Ann comment on what they saw in Fargo.

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Our goal with the podcast is to give you a look at what is going on behind the scenes with the film and to explore this very complicated issue.

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Show Notes


Welcome to the Inside the Journey Podcast. This is episode #14 for Sunday, August 4th 2013. I’m Nelson de Witt.

I’m John Younger.

And we are the team behind the documentary film Identifying Nelson/Buscando A Roberto.

I’m here today with Jackie Lea Shelley, Deb Brown, and Sue Anne Reed. Three of my fellow misfits from the Misfit Conf that I attended in Fargo.


  • Watching it in Fargo.
  • How do you relate to it?
  • Where can we go with it?
  • Feedback for John


Thats our show!

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