Episode #29: Balancing two lives with Peter Cassidy-Sibrian (Part 1)

John & Nelson talk with Peter Cassidy-Sibrian about reconnecting with his birth family and his experiences visiting El Salvador. He shares some memorable stories about his time with Father John Cortina.

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Separated from my family during El Salvador's civil war, by death and adoption, I was reunited with them at the age of 16. I do entrepreneurial art projects that are meaningful, relevant, and push me creatively.

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    Wonderful interview. I did nod my head and smile a lot. Also, as Nelson knows, my actual birthdate is February 22 so I had a laugh over that. Grateful for Peter’s openness and what he could tell us about John Cortina. As you know I gave some of my impressions in the book, but I only met him that one time in 2005. Keep up the good work. Talk to you later.

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