Episode #08: The Origins of Pro-B with Ralph Sprenkels (Part 2)

Show Title: The Origins of Pro-B with Ralph Sprenkels (Part 2)

In the eighth episode of the Inside the Journey podcast John & Nelson continue their talk with Ralph Sprenkels. In our previous episode, we discussed Father Jon Cortina and the work that he and Ralph did to help the people of Chalatenango, El Salvador participate in the Truth Commission Report, a process which documented atrocities of the war after the 1992 Peace Accords. This week we’ll talk about how that work led to Pro Busqueda’s ongoing search for children who disappeared in the Salvadoran Civil War.

Introduction to Ralph Sprenkels

Ralph Sprenkels has lived in El Salvador from 1992 until 2002, and from 2007 to 2010, working in the field of human rights, politics and international cooperation.

His publications include books and articles about El Salvador’s civil war, about missing children as a consequence of the armed conflict and about the human rights movement in El Salvador. In the Netherlands, he worked for the Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO) as a policy advisor on human rights issues until 2011. He is also a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. His most recent research concerns the role of war veterans in contemporary Salvadoran politics.

He participated in the mapping and documentation of human rights violations for the Truth Commission, in representation of Salvadoran civil society organizations. He was also the lead investigator in the case that reunited Nelson/Roberto’s family.


About the podcast

Our goal with the podcast is to give you a look at what is going on behind the scenes with the film and to explore this very complicated issue.

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